short film, andrew richardson, goatboy enterprises, film festival, raindance, relationships, love, abuse, craig j simons, clarice byrne
touch short film, film festival, relationships, abuse, love, andrew richardson, craig j simons, clarice byrne, goatboy enterprises.

It may not always be apparent to us, but we are all born with the same basic wants and desires, the same motivations. We all want the same things. Love, shelter, and understanding.


Over time our experiences, condition us and teach us to favour different methods of getting these things. Some will perform to gain the approval and love of the crowd; some will strive for wealth to buy the love of a beautiful partner; some will endlessly seduce, looking for love through physical communion. Others have been taught that the thing they want is too painful, and they run away from love, fearing the loss of what they desire so keenly.   


The truth is we all strive for success in our respective fields, we all crave applause, and we all enjoy sex. We all know these behaviours, we all understand their motivations, and written in black and white on a page it is easy to identify the patterns. In our everyday lives however, things are not quite so neat, so well defined, there is an ambiguity that allows our personal desires and fears to bias how we understand a situation.


When we argue with our lover we are so afraid that they don’t love us anymore, that we are unable to hear what they are actually saying. We lash out trying to cause them as much pain as they are causing us. These are the moments when our behaviour and what we actually want are now totally at odds with each other. What we want is for the other person to love us, but our behaviour is to try and cause them pain.


This film explores how the same desires and wants can lead to drastically different actions. A desire to be close to someone can lead to pulling them closer, or pushing them away. Using the motif of physical communication, we follow the relationship of a young couple from the beginning of their relationship, as over time their ideas, expectations, and fears grow causing misunderstanding and pain.  




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